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The Development of Precision Casting Industry in Dongying

Veröffentlichte Zeit:2020-03-06 00:00

"Dongying has the foundation of precision casting industry, the upstream and downstream industries are relatively perfect, and the business environment here is also very good. We finally chose here after many considerations." On January 17, Liu Jia, deputy general manager of Shandong vast Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., introduced the process of the company's landing in Dongying District oil land integration industrial park, Niuzhuang town.

It took only three months from the project contact to the landing and then to the reconstruction of the original plant. At present, this brand-new company is the leader in the domestic precision casting industry. "This product requires a porosity of less than 3% per square centimeter and is lightweight." In the company's exhibition hall, Liu Jia introduced that vast company is a professional enterprise engaged in precision casting and machining, mainly producing stainless steel, alloy steel and various kinds of special alloy precision automobile parts. As an intelligent company specializing in precision casting with full-automatic equipment, more than 90% of its products are exported to European and American countries. It is a first-class supplier of Volkswagen Germany headquarters. At present, the main industries of vast's products include automation machinery, automobile, petrochemical industry, medical equipment, ship and aviation, aerospace, military industry, nuclear power, etc.

It is gratifying to note that the project of intelligent simulation production line of vast company in our city will become the first full intelligent production line in China's investment casting industry. "To produce products of the same unit under the same production conditions, the original line needs about 350 workers, the company's intelligent production line needs about 120-150 workers, and the second production line is controlled at about 100. At the same time, it greatly reduces labor intensity and safety risks, improves production efficiency and quality stability, and effectively solves the problems of many manual operations, many defective products and low efficiency in the current investment casting industry. " Liu Jia said that the technical team is studying the connection process of each intelligent operation plate. It is expected that the manual line will be debugged in March this year and the trial production of the intelligent line will be carried out in June.

Tan Yanjie, director of Dongying oil land integration industrial park, told reporters: "the successful implementation of the project is a case of business investment. It is precisely because the investment enterprises in the park have business contacts with vast, and they have learned about the investment information. In addition, Niuzhuang town government and the park have followed up quickly, giving full play to the spirit of" nanny "and" shopkeeper "and winning the public with high-quality services in the whole process of project implementation Si favor. "

It is understood that there are various types of casting industry, and precision casting is the most precise in the casting industry, known as the "mother of industry". In the plant area of Shandong Guantong Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., it is composed of four precision casting enterprises, "Guantong" is their common name, and the enterprises are relatively independent. "At that time, due to the relationship between upstream and downstream industries, the four enterprises settled in the park at the same time, and now formed a cooperative relationship," Tan said Dongying Dongsheng Machinery Automation Co., Ltd., Dongying Huayang metal products Co., Ltd., Dongying Taifeng Precision Metal Co., Ltd. and Dongying Wanlong precision casting metal Co., Ltd. some of the four enterprises are mainly engaged in the production and processing of complete sets of equipment, some of them are specialized in the production of precision parts during the casting process, and some are specialized in the production of precision parts in the heat treatment manufacturing process The final products can be sold directly to automobile and aircraft manufacturers.

"The process we use is called lost wax precision casting." "For example, if you want to make a valve, you can't buy a piece of steel and drill again. It's very difficult to process it with a lathe," said a worker in the factory. Now the practice is as like as two peas, and then to make a mold with a cavity inside the valve, which is exactly the same as the shape of the valve. After injecting wax into the valve gate, the wax mold will come out after the mold is started. Then, put the wax mold coated with refractory layer into the high-temperature equipment, melt the wax, so that the inner side of the refractory layer forms the same cavity as the valve, and then pour iron water, knock off the shell on the surface, and then the valve is made, which is about the same process. Wax loss method can produce all kinds of thin-walled parts, which is a basic hot working process. "

Gao Tianliang, general manager of Dongying City Wanlong precision casting metal Co., Ltd., said in an interview: "we mainly produce precision casting moulds, with an annual output of about 2000 sets. Influenced by the upstream automobile industry, the market in 2019 is not particularly optimistic, but we put forward higher requirements for product quality. Precision casting industry is a basic industry, which can not be replaced. For enterprises, efforts should be made to improve the precision and design ability. "

The reporter also learned from the technical transformation Office of the Bureau of industry and information technology of Dongying District that there are more than 10 precision casting enterprises in Dongying District at present. Some companies have a high reputation in the industry and a high market share of some products with years of excellent technical ability. According to relevant documents of Dongying District, the oil land integration industrial park of Dongying District will take "specialized, refined, special and new" as the direction, rely on the existing industrial foundation, actively undertake the industrial transfer in urban area, actively attract large enterprises and projects to enter the park, build the industrial cluster of metal products processing and precision casting, and promote the expansion, quality improvement and rapid rise of the park.

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